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  • Dr. Stern

Nightstand Spider

My wife liked the functionality of the Nightstand Butler, but her response to the aesthetics was polite revulsion. This from someone who adores spiders and other sneaky loathsome creatures.

So: Nightstand Spider Butler.

Most of the pipe is 1/8" gas line brass, which I generally don't like to mix and match with plumbing pipe, but it was unavoidable here for some transition pieces.

Like the non-arachnid version, it provides an inductive phone charger and an Apple Watch charger. Just one USB port, although future upgrades may add more. The light is a capacitive touch-controlled LED on a flexible neck, controlled by touching the pipe union at its base. I wanted it to be controllable by touching any part of the body or legs, but 5v couldn't get that done across the whole thing and there wasn't room for another buck converter in the body. I only rolled a 4 in Electrical Engineering when I created this character.

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