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  • Dr. Stern

Ammeter Lamp

This Weston ammeter from the 1930's had been sitting around for a year waiting to become something. Pre-COVID you could find these in junk shops for twenty or thirty bucks. I suppose a few people noticed how cool the Deco-style Bakelite cases were and antique dealers noticed those people; now you're lucky to find one under $100, and the really cool copper-clad monsters that were industrial panel installs are upwards of $2k.

The switches and posts for the lamps are in the spots previously occupied by the wire connection terminals. I added a red LED controlled by its own switch to illuminate the amperage dial; fitting the transformer and buck converter for that into the case alongside the 12v power supply for the lamps required pretty much gutting the case. Any hope of continuing its career as an ammeter it may have been holding on to have been forever dashed.

The light fixtures are threaded aluminum conduit bodies on short mic stand necks. The lights themselves are 12v automotive LED marker bulbs.

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